Strategic Planning

In order to the long-term development of the enterprise, the company set the development strategy in 2012-2012, summed up the company's overall development goals and strategies: five cross.

1, the market share to achieve.In 2016, 1-2% of market share to the company to grow to 3-5%, annual sales revenue to achieve 3-500 million yuan, including the domestic market sales accounted for 70% of sales revenue, foreign markets (Australia, Canada, southeast Asia) sales revenue accounted for 30% of sales revenue.In order to improve the market share, the company will set up overseas subsidiaries in Australia.At the same time, the company's market development department consists of liaoning, anshan, black ji, shandong, hebei, China metallurgical northern six offices.Market covers metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, electric power industry, four 18 provinces.

2, profits and taxes to achieve.In 2016, strive to achieve profits of 30 million yuan, over taxes 16.5 million yuan.

3, to build the core technology to realize.In 2012, complete metallurgical beneficiation automation control system for finishing packaging, formation of ore dressing process intelligent optimization model as the core of beneficiation automation control solutions, can satisfy the ferrous and non-ferrous mine mineral processing production needs;In 2013, the complete solution for high power transmission system for metallurgical industry, building a from the design, integration, installation, commissioning as one of the driving system experts team, to solve the metallurgical technology and different period of transmission power control requirements;In 2014, completed the control system of hot rolling automation control technology, establish self-control of steel rolling technical team, can complete the whole steel rolling production line automation system control.At the same time complete cold rolling line and the technology of processing line reserves;In 2015, cold rolling line and line of automation control system solutions.Integration of metallurgical process the process of solution, the formation of metallurgical industry from mining, beneficiation, sintering pellets, blast furnace, converter, continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and processing line of full process automation control system solutions and implementation capacity;In 2016, relying on metallurgical industry automation control experience and the foundation, to the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, municipal and other industries for industry expansion.At the same time, the company with more than 5 years r&d project to, strive for the area, city, province, the country's industrial support.

4, build talent echelon to cross.Companies adhere to the good soldier route and insist on the principle of "walking on two legs", by the method of their training and the introduction of talents, in 2016 to form has five senior marketing personnel, five overseas high technology talents, five emperors "high technology talent (authority) 5, 2 senior project managers, senior management personnel, 20 research and development of professional and technical personnel, 35 automation, electrical, instrumentation, computer professionals, 75 general technical personnel echelon personnel.

5, create new brand to achieve.In 2016, the company to complete the project management pattern, the introduction of international famous company standards, experience of digestion, absorption, actively promote a new brand and independent intellectual property rights of the blast furnace production process automation control system, the sintering production process automation control system, the pellet production process automation control system, mining mineral processing production process automation control system, sintering flue gas desulfurization system, GGBS automation control system and related software products.

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