Applied Range
Siemens (China) co., LTD
High and low voltage inverter, motor, reducer, PLC, low-voltage electrical appliances, instrumentation
ABB (China) co., LTD
low-voltage apparatus
Beijing ABB electrical drive system co., LTD
High and low voltage inverter, PLC
ABB high voltage motor co., LTD
high-voltage motor
Schneider electric (China) co., LTD 
High and low voltage inverter, PLC, low-voltage electrical appliances, cabinet
Rockwell automation (China) co., LTD
High and low voltage inverter, PLC, low-voltage electrical appliances
GE Fanuc automation
PLC, low-voltage electrical appliances
Changshu switch manufacturing co., LTD
low-voltage apparatus
China people electrical appliance group
High, low-voltage electrical appliances
Rittal electro-mechanical technology (Shanghai) co., LTD
Rittal cabinets
The figure metallurgical equipment technology (Shanghai) co., LTD
Ore processing and analysis instrument
Gansu unicom industrial instruments co., LTD
Pulp density meter
Shanghai Engels house automation equipment co., LTD. (E + H)
Chongqing RongKaiChuan instrument meter co., LTD
UPS power supply, dc screen and so on
17, chongqing sichuan instrument factory co., LTD
Heat resistance, hot spots, etc
Chongqing quad measurement and control technology co., LTD
Pressure transmitter (PDS), distributor, isolator, display table
Chongqing sichuan instrument automation co., LTD. Branch flow meter
Flow instrument
Pressure transmitter (EJA)
Shanghai Kent instrument co., LTD
Flow instrument
Shenyang f light Baxter measurement and control equipment co., LTD
Phoenix contact China company
Bus, distributor, isolator, switching power supplies, relay, terminals
Weidmuller electrical connection (Shanghai) co., LTD
Switches, distributor, isolator, relay, terminals, auxiliary connection parts
Figure, (tianjin) sensor co., LTD
Bus, distributor, isolator, switching power supplies, relay
All electronic (tianjin) co., LTD
Bus, relay, terminals
Grace million ladder power (China) co., LTD
UPS power supply
Beijing sunway technology co., LTD
The gateway and the software
Hangzhou China three communication technology co., LTD
H3C network equipment
Beijing east soil science and technology co., LTD
Switches and network equipment
Belden hirschmann network system of international trade (Shanghai) co., LTD
Switches, integrated wiring
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