Converter Gas Recovery System

Converter gas recovery is 6 in the production process of converter production technology of recycling co. Converter production. Oxygen lance top-blown decarburization process of high co content after cooling and dedusting of flue gas, recycle into the cupboard, dust removal, analysis, (such as electricity) are collectively referred to as the whole process of converter gas recovery.

Converter which is caused by a large number of flue gas, the evaporative cooling of the cooling system, and then the article washing dedusting, then through two wen laryngeal orifice to adjust control the smoke gas, drawn by the blower. By installing the wind room gas analyzer test whether meet the recycling condition (CO mass fraction is 30%, O2 mass fraction 2%), when the gas detection qualified, three-way valve automatically opens to the side of recycling, through the water seal valve into the gas tank; Recovery conditions are not met, three-way valve automatically by tossing in side, through tossing in pipe air combustion flue gas emissions.

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