TRT Of Blast Furnace Gas

More than Blast Furnace Gas pressure Turbine generating set (Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit, hereinafter referred to as TRT), a by-product of TRT is the use of the Blast Furnace smelting, Blast Furnace Top Gas pressure and thermal energy, make the Gas through the Turbine expander, doing work is transformed into mechanical energy, drive electric machine or other device generating a secondary energy Recovery Unit.Now as a energy conservation and emissions reduction and CDM advocate environmental protection product.

Blast furnace gas after bag dust, the high pressure, high temperature, dry clean gas into the turbine expander by multichannel valve;The first level of turbine expander static Ye Weike adjustable, with the flow and pressure adjustment;Via diverter put into axial gas in cascade, the gas in the static and dynamic blade cascade, work is growing in the flow of pressure and temperature is reduced, and translated into kinetic energy to work round rotor and rotor blade rotation, wheel drive coupling generator to produce electricity.

Blast furnace waste gas by gravity precipitator after half net gas into the inlet manifold of bag filter.From the clean gas turbine out into the clean gas pipe network of the enterprise.Look from the working principle, replace TRT device Original gas system of high pressure valve group, the difference is that the original gas system of high pressure valve set to gas pressure can all be leak out, and can be recycled blast furnace TRT device of blast energy about 30%.

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