Flue Gas Desulfurization System

For the most part of sulfur gas exists in the form of H2S, SO2 and H2S gas combustion, then converted into, excess levels of SO2 in air can form local acid rain and harm the living environment of people, the regulations of producer gas combustion furnaces the highest SO2 emission concentration of 900 mg/m3. SO2, on the other hand, for industries such as ceramic, kaolin had a greater influence on the quality of the final product, in view of the above factors, the degree of H2S removal in the producer gas has become an important indicator of its cleanliness.

At present, in the producer gas wet desulphurization technology, the wider application is extract desulfurization method. It is soda ash as absorbent to extract for carrying oxygen, NaVO2 as oxidant, absorption with chemical reaction process, after the absorption of H2S absorbing agent after warming, is reborn after decompression, and turn it into elemental sulfur oxide. Main processing equipment: the cooling fan, cooling tower, steamed ammonia tower, desulfurization tower, reaction tank, regeneration tower and other equipment; For the smooth implementation process, in the cooling tower, desulfurization tower, regeneration tower and equipped with liquid level, flow, pressure, temperature measuring instrument, through the control valve to complete closed loop control. DCS control system is adopted in the system, multithreaded operations in real time operations, the system has high control accuracy, strong stability. PC image real-time display site condition, facilitate operators operating, and have the function of data storage, real-time state curve and history query, provide reliable basis for production.

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