Pellet Process System

Pellets, it is fine or other iron sharpens iron ore concentrate powder mixes add a small amount of additives, in the water Wet conditions, through the pelletizer roll into a ball, then through dry roasting, consolidation become has certain strength and The metallurgical properties of spherical iron material. Major equipment: dryer (drying moisture effectively, control at around 8%), High pressure rail grinding machine (effectively improve the specific surface area of material and reduce the ratio of bentonite), mixer (mixed material mixing Mix well), the disc pelletizer (pelletizing), chain grate machine (drying, preheating pellet), the rotary kiln (both roasting (hot), ring cooler cooling, secondary oxidation)

Pellet production process control system, realized the pellets on technical method of production of the main processes that accurate Control, including the raw material preparation, ingredients, mixing, pelletizing, drying, and roasting, cooling, finished product and returned to the ore processing And so on. Aimed at the difficulty in the control, such as raw material ratio, uniform fabric problems with comprehensive solutions.

As the pellet production in the shaft furnace roasting method have been gradually replaced by the method of chain grate machine - rotary kiln, the company in the pellets On the research towards the latter transfer.

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