The Sintering Process System

Pellets as refined iron ore in the sintering is a steel smelting industry in the two kinds of commonly used process. Sintering is the iron ore powder, blast furnace dust, mill scale, iron materials such as steel slag and limestone flux, anthracite coal and coke powder fuel in a certain proportion of blending, after add water mixture balling of sintering has enough strength and grain size of sinter.

Sintering process is mainly divided into: raw materials, fuel, mixing and sintering, screening, finished product six parts. Raw material: iron composition of raw material, solvent, fuel, combustion broken: fuel crushing, mixing: ingredients main purpose to obtain stable chemical composition and physical properties of the sinter, in order to meet the requirements of blast furnace smelting, mainly is the water mix, uniform to the composition of sintered material is easy to make the grain size of the ball to get good sintering mixture, ensure that the sinter quality and production. Sintering: mainly including cloth, ignition, sintering main processes, such as screening, finished product: the sintering ore according to the particle size is divided into finished products, after the shop is base and cold back to mine, which pave base and cold back to mine could be used for sintering again.

Emphasis of sintering production process are as follows: cloth premixed, mixture composition in the system of weighing (PID), water control, the control of burning through point, etc. We adopted advanced program module in the process of programming, speed up the efficiency of programming and operation.

In addition, as the new "iron and steel industrial air pollutants emission standards" of the forthcoming, sintering process of sulfur dioxide emissions cuts are also included in the scope of the technical research, makes every effort to the automatic control technology and sintered iron and steel enterprise production with better combination of desulfurization equipment, seize market opportunities.

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