Blast Furnace Process

The blast furnace smelting is the continuous production process of iron ore reduction of pig iron. Iron ore, coke and flux and so on Solid raw material proportioning according to regulations by top partial into blast furnace, charging device and keep the throat, is certain Height. The coke and ore formation of alternating layered structure in the oven. Ore stone falling step by step in the process of reduction, Molten iron and slag, gathered in the hearth, regularly released from slag iron mouth, mouth.

We according to the development of modern blast furnace production technology, developed a fast preparation, various kinds of cloth, high Wind furnace temperature control, automatic hot blast stove in furnace and dust removal and other automatic control and operation model, implementation of the 350 m3 ~ 1200 m3, blast furnace, hot stove, dry dust removal of blast furnace production process automation control.

Because of the ironmaking process produces a large amount of blast furnace gas, many domestic steel enterprises using the export section The gas for power generation, such as the gas differential pressure power generation. Companies will be against this trend combined with control technology system Research.

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