The System Processing

Processing, also known as mineral processing is the use of physical or chemical methods will be useful minerals in the mineral raw material and useless minerals (usually called gangue technical) or harmful mineral separation, or a variety of useful mineral separation process. With the development of mineral processing equipment and processing technology, beneficiation process already covers metal and nonmetal, nonferrous metal and black metal, and other mineral processing field. Separation from the technological process: crushing, screening, grinding, grading, and post-treatment process, including the classification process and can be based on the physical or chemical properties of the mineral is divided into magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation, etc.

Beneficiation process control is to use the pressure, flow rate, concentration, particle size, grade, level, temperature and other process parameters testing, realize the automatic optimization and adjustment of the whole process of ore dressing process, in order to improve the beneficiation indexes and labor productivity. As a controlled object, beneficiation process control with multi-variable, nonlinear, big lag, multi-output, time-varying characteristics. According to the characteristics of ore dressing process flow, processing production process control and automation can be divided into broken, grinding classification automation, automation and processing automation subsystem, these subsystems can be independent, and can be combined into a dressing production process control system that is dressing full process control.

Broken subsystem can through to the oil temperature, oil pressure test, analysis of the status of the crusher and alarm; Through testing and analysis of the mill load, optimized crusher feed control; Through to the bunker material level detection, automatic cloth and crusher optimal load balance control, etc.

 Grinding classification subsystem by using expert system and fuzzy control, advanced control theory, the mill load and comprehensive analysis and judgment to factors such as ore nature, realize the mill feed, grinding ore concentration, graded overflow concentration and particle size of optimization control, analysis and adjustment of mill ball charge ratio, grinding oil lubrication system security protection.

Choose besshi system and can be divided into molecular system such as magnetic separation, gravity separation and flotation, flotation is the most important, too

Choose the emphases and difficulties of besshi system, flotation molecular system mainly includes the flotation machine dosing automatic control; In the process of flotation pulp concentration, flow parameters, such as detection and control; The detection and control of flotation cell ore slurry face; In the process of flotation your detection and control; Flotation pulp quality detection and control; Flotation effect of automatic analysis, etc.

Optimization of mine production, and improve the mining process in the proportion of high-tech. My company's application of the automatic control technology, electronic information technology, network technology, increase the efficiency of the equipment technology, from the overall improve the level of integrated automation in the process of production, improve production informatization degree, realize the intelligent control, continuous production process automation, management informatization and systematization.

Intelligent digital mine, is the concentration of information technology application in mine. By means of computer and network, the mine 3 d spatial and attribute data to realize digital storage, transmission, expressing and processing, a comprehensive production management system, with the development of "digital mine", mining began to enter into the age of intelligent control.

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