Customization, prefabricated type, modular electrical room (E - House), let you time and space more flexible and make electrical room construction simplification. One-piece service, mobile mode allows you to avoid duplication of investment, thereby reduce the engineering cost, it can run in all kinds of bad working environment, for you to reduce the risk of a serious accident in the danger zone. It will bring the biggest benefit to you, help you create a higher value.

Customization: according to your actual demand, designed combined with environmental conditions

Prefabricated modular: stage in the factory to complete the installation, commissioning, field module assembly

One-piece services: electrical equipment and process control, air conditioning and positive pressure ventilation, fire control and fire alarm, communication, China central television (CCTV) inspection and lighting, cable tray, such as ground for an organic whole

Features and benefits

Express Setup

• Engineering design, assembly, debug and test was done in the factory

cost reduction

• Don't need to the scene concrete buildings, covers an area of small, less artificial, less available

• Reduce the cost of installation, debugging and commissioning

• Reduce engineering, coordination, management and procurement costs

Flexibility, security and reliability

• Flexible choice equipment and arrangement

• Choose according to tailor a variety of environmental conditions

• Modular, compact, mobility is easy to carry many times

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