Liaoning Zhongxin automation control group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Zhongxin group) was founded in 1990, anshan is one of the earliest automation system integration business, the specialty is engaged in industrial and mining enterprises of science and technology research and development, system integration, software development, automation of complete sets of equipment production, industrial information service, such as mechanical and electrical equipment installation and maintenance services.

Neo-china with years of experience in the field of industrial automation accumulation has a strong technical force.Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification;Obtained the national mandatory product for the pressure distribution of the 3 c certification;With mechanical and electrical equipment installation and security technology to prevent facilities design qualification;Successively for more than 10 software copyright and patent;Is a high-tech enterprise in liaoning province.

Zhongxin group with excellent performance and high reliability of products, win the valuable industry resources and good service reputation, has won the "China excellent people show science and technology enterprise", "liaoning province customers satisfied company" and "saddle mountain city of advanced collective", "anshan private science and technology advanced enterprise", "anshan excellent science and technology demonstration enterprise", "anshan high-tech zone technological innovation advanced unit", "enterprise of anshan," anshan May 1 labor certificate "and other honorary titles.Company's long-term with Siemens, ABB, schneider AB international well-known electrical automation suppliers to maintain close cooperation, the establishment of a solid partnership, business covers the northeast, north China, central China, east China, south China, southwest, as far as Burma, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions, as part of the overall domestic leading technology, the technology for the advantage of the advanced world level, has established the industry's leading position in this area.

Company business scope

Neo-china's main business is divided into four sections, respectively is: electrical, instrumentation, industrial process automation control system integration;Industrial process control, secondary system and related software development and services;Electrical, instrumentation, computer automation field construction, commissioning, equipment operational maintenance services;The international technology trade.

In the field of industrial process service is mainly oriented to: system of mining technology, beneficiation process system, blast furnace process, sintering process, pelletizing process system, flue gas desulfurization technology system, GGBS process systems, high gas pressure power generation system, converter gas recovery process, hot metal pretreatment process system and so on.

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