The group's core competitiveness

(1) the lasting stable cooperation, common development:Liaoning neo-china has always been adhering to the honesty, cooperation, win-win spirit, after years of accumulation, the company with some of the domestic large enterprises and the world famous company has established long-term strategic cooperative relations, the main partners are: north China metallurgical engineering technology co., LTD., anshan iron and steel group co., LTD., Siemens electric (China) co., LTD, schneider electric (China) co., LTD., ABB, rockwell, phoenix, weidmuller, Microsoft, oracle, etc.Liaoning neo-china attaches great importance to the needs of customers for a long time, active and continuous development of customer relationships.Perennial insist unremitting communication and interaction with customers, visit, etc., for customers to solve various problems, let liaoning neo-china thorough popular feeling, become the first choice of many customers.

(2) mature excellent service brand::Liaoning new service team has been anxious, want to think customers ", take the customer as the center, forming a set of mature and stable service system.Liaoning new service team concept is

Sincerity - smiles convey our sincerity, to provide users with meticulous and thoughtful service;

Efficient, timely and effectively for the user and the high quality solutions to various problems;

The work method of wisdom - with wisdom and rich skills to win the trust of users;

Professional - time learning professional knowledge, to provide professional and high quality service to our customers

According to "work process standardization, professional service standardization, service systematization of traceability, performance, performance appraisal, telephone return visit to institutionalize" requirements, to ensure that create the first-class brand service image.

(3) the rich product platform:For many years, the company is specialized in the mining, mineral processing, contracting pellets, sintering, blast furnace, steelmaking, continuous casting and rolling process automation control system installation, debugging, intelligent network installation, debugging, and a distributor of global well known automation products, species diversity, mainly include: ABB low voltage electrical and drive products, Siemens low voltage electric products, schneider low voltage and automation products, as well as the LG low-voltage electrical products, at the same time the company earnestly implement the ISO9000 quality system, strengthen the total quality management.New group for the Chinese market, for the domestic and foreign enterprises to provide professional products and efficient service.

(4) efficient team of professionals:Liaoning neo-china has a mature and stable team, their solidarity and collaboration, keep improving, create brilliant performance.

- efficient, unity, vigor and vitality of the management team

- professional and technical team of innovation, the pursuit of excellence

- precise, practical, the experienced service team

(5) the advanced core technology:Relying on north China metallurgical engineering technology co., LTD., liaoning university of science and technology such as, new, fine and cutting-edge technology innovation system, to absorb the doctor, master and so on a number of highly educated, high-quality, high ability talents, and actively cooperate with the famous multinational company, has been developed rapidly in a short time, and established the company in the same industry leading position in the field of the region, has been highly praised by the majority of users.

Enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, the good enterprise culture is the driving force of enterprise survival and development, is the fundamental symbol of different from competitors.

◇ Enterprise core values:All of you to the road of common prosperity, to family responsible for, to the enterprise is responsible, socially responsible.

◇ The spirit of enterprise:The arduous struggle, advancing with The Times, love enterprise dedicated, loyal dedication.

◇ Guide:For all, about detailed, alone and broken by the speed

◇ Working policy:Chinese, talk is harmful

◇ The business goal:To create first-class enterprise, development of first-class products, first-class talents

◇ YongRenGuan:"Heavy capacity, not heavy qualifications, education ", "director of choose and employ persons, carefully cultivated"

◇ Concept of flow:"Seize the opportunity in the flow, enterprises found in the flow of talent"

◇ Concept of merit:"Credit is given priority to, hard work is complementary "" not afraid to make mistakes, will never allow the same mistake"

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